Monday, November 7, 2016

Yes, I am 25

Okay so I don't know why but 25 feels like a turn in my life for some reason. Like I no longer have any bit of childhood in me. Yes I know I've been an adult for years but I'm a quarter of a century old now. 
I'm 25. 
Anyway I wanted one of those super cute Polaroid cameras for my birthday this year and I got one and I love it. I wasn't super surprised but I was super happy. 
the real surprise came in the third gift. I had no idea what it was. I opened the wrapping paper and I was no excited by the box. In fact I thought Daniel got me hiking shoes. I didn't want hiking shoes. 
I opened the box and clearly I was surprised by the snow boots that were inside (obviously shown in the picture above). 
I wanted these boots so bad when I saw them but kind of forgot about them just because they didn't seem realistic. But Daniel is of course the best and got them for. 
You can't tell how pretty they are in the picture but they are seriously so perfect. 
Lincoln has enjoyed them just as much as I have too. 
I had the best Birthday and I'm going to blame that on Daniel for being such a perfect husband and my kids for opening all my presents and pretending it was actually their birthday. 

Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Real Story of Goldilocks and The Three Bears

Once upon a time there was a momma bear and a papa bear and they were very happy. Even though they thought they couldn't be happier they decided a baby bear would make their happiness burst at the seams. 
Then one day as the little bear family was living their happy life a little blonde girl named Goldilocks showed up and their happiness burst again. So did their chaos, the mess in the living room, the amount of diapers purchased each month. Everything just burst. 
Baby bear and Goldilocks quickly became best friends, you know, the kind of best friends that fight over the same book and scream when the other one is looking at them. 
Momma bear loved baby bear and Goldilocks but she was also convinced that she would never be able to eat her porridge again with out having to share it with baby bear or Goldilocks. She was also convinced they were trying to give her gray hair. 
Papa bear was the favorite with baby bear and Goldilocks because he would chase them around the living room, let them ride on his back like a horse, and play baseball with them. 
Every one in the bear family was so happy and even though all the seams burst at once they still lived  happily ever after. 

Thursday, October 20, 2016

My love

Somehow 4 years has come and gone. 
They've been the best of my life. 
I'm so grateful that we decided on eternity. 
I love you now and always will.